Wedding Decor – 5 things you must have at your wedding

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It’s that season again! Shopping malls are full of discounts on zari-infested lehengas, beauty parlours are crammed with women of all shapes and sizes and facebook is crowded with photos of everyone ensconced in wedded bliss!

Nothing wrong with getting married, of course. But I often wonder, in all this mad rush to plan and execute what could probably be the most important event of your life, are you forgetting the little details that make it easier on you and sweeter on others?

Of course you haven’t forgotten to order just the right flowers or triple-check the menu, the trousseau has been carefully picked and packed and you’ve made sure the wedding planner is on your speed dial. But more often than not, while we are dreaming big, we ignore the little things and the devil, unfortunately, is always in the details. To make your day a little more special and a little less traumatic here’s a list of six things that you might want to consider including in the itinerary.

Most importantly

Getting the dinnerware right is a thing of basic importance at the wedding. No one is asking for fine bone china but no paper plates please! Also, making sure that all the plates, bowls and glasses belong to the same set is of utmost essence.

Give your caterer special instructions to make sure no ugly stains remain on the dinner plate once it’s cleaned and recycled, after each batch of guests finishes a meal. You don’t want to notice a snooty guest wrinkle their nose in distaste as they wipe their plate with a paper napkin before they are served.

At the heart of it

It is customary to lay out clean linen and fancy table runners at the wedding banquet. But the setting always acquires a more intimate and personal note when you strategically place a vase on it. Nothing spells out festive more than flowers. A small centre-piece, with even a single flower on it will bring a charm to the dining table, much more than impeccable service at dinner or tasty food will, although we aren’t complaining about either!

For those lovely gifts

Remember, everyone who gives you a gift has taken care to wrap it especially for you, or at least made sure someone else has. They don’t want their gifts quietly turned over to the friend standing next to you, to be locked in with the rest of the gifts some cupboard, till you find time to open the boxes. Invest in a large table with a fancy table cover, so that all the gifts are displayed properly and for everyone to see.

Don’t forget the details

It’s a wedding and there’s bound to be hustle and bustle. You don’t want fainting from the activity, or the heat, or fatigue or any other malaise they can possibly think of. Keep some small bottles of water around every corner to make sure everyone has access to water without having to run around frantically for it.

No need to fight fire

That weddings are a hotbed for all sorts of untoward happenings has been proved time and time again. Of course you need to inspect the fire safety measures in minute detail before you decide on a venue for the wedding. But just that is not enough. Keep that fire extinguisher handy and if necessary, step out of your high heels and hose down that fire rather than wait for your knight in shining armour to come to everyone’s rescue!

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